Juliana in Victoria - oktober 2016


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Kel's canoe

The last week of September, mum drove off early on Saturday morning for the big loop to Victoria. This first stop was at Kel and Glenn's, where we had not been since Juultje was born. She fed the chooks and sailed in the canoe with her siblings, who had brought the canoe up. We collected horse bones and played in the garden (see video page).

Mum drove on to Melbourne, where we met and stayed a night with cousin Benji - before he was off to the UK - and met and stayed to night with Callum and Campbell. Dad arrived from Sydney and we visited Jacinta and Jordan for lunch and drove on to the beach house.

group pic selfie At the beach house, we met Jan's cousin Daan and his family, who are living in Melbourne for six month while Lidewij works on her PhD thesis at Monash university. At the beach, we built a hut and, once the clouds cleared, a sand castle. We played in the waves - the locals think it is still too cold for bathing, but is still warmer than the North sea - and walked along the dunes. It was great to enjoy the sun, but we equally enjoyed the games inside, selfies and a walk to Erskine falls when it was overcast and rainy.

After three nights together, we took a group picture on Saturday and said goodbye to Jan's family, who had to go to school on Monday. For another day, we had the company of uncle Paul, who played with Juultje, and Mercedes.

sand castle

On early Tuesday morning, we left for Melbourne. Mum met up with a friend, while the kids had fun in one of Melbourne's excellent playgrounds - it's not only the coffee that's better - which they had all to themselves because of the rain. The next day, mum met Emma with Jaxon and Ollie in Healesville sanctuary for more socializing and play.

A very old pine tree
frame rings On Thursday, mum drove to Bendoc to pick up the camper trailer. The kids had fun in a climbing tree with a cubby house. The old pine trees had been taken down with great effort. Piet and opa counted the year rings on the trunk. The tree was about 128 years old, which means it would have been planted in the centenary of settlement in Australia.

Updated 24th October 2016

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