Juliana in Sydney - november 2016

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Late October we celebrated Will's fifth birthday with cake and a lunch time picnic at Collin's beach. Both Piet and Emma had chosen to stay home from school. As it was overcast, the beach was not crowded.

Early November we went camping for two nights with friends at Patonga. While it was a lovely time, we felt two nights is too tight, so for next time we go for three nights again. A special memory of the weekend was the kookaburra in the tree, which managed to grab a duckling - twice. Poor ducklings! Otherwise, we had too little time to take pictures.

We started celebrating Sinterklaas a few days after he arrives in the Netherlands. The kids are watching the daily Sinterklaas news - due to a logistical mishap, children in the Netherlands were getting empty presents in their shoe. We put out our shoes mid November, adding some drawings in a big clog. Piet discovered he had really outgrown his Pietenpak and became very grumpy. Only when we discovered it fitted Juultje perfectly he turned around. Emma was dressed as a Piet as well - they are no longer black in the Netherlands - while Piet managed to scrape a Sinterklaas outfit together. We sang and whistled a few songs before going to bed. The next day, the each found a DVD with a little rhyme in their shoe.

Updated 19th November 2016

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